Three Catholic Reeb families, two from France and one from Germany immigrated to the Banat region of today’s Yugoslavia and Romania. This area ruled by Austrian nobility, was settled and developed in the mid 1700s by Germanic people.  Many went to the USA.

One Lutheran Reeb family from Germany relocated to a small village northeast of Budapest, Hungary. There is a large representation in the area today. Immigration to America is unknown.


Hangard Germany – Huefeld,  Austro-Hungary - Yugoslavia Today

Today’s Surnames: Repp, Reb, Reeb, Rebb

1900-1930 Locations: Yugoslavia, Germany, USA: Minnesota, Illinois Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, North Dakota and elsewhere

Comments: This Austro-Hungarian branch of this family is the largest group of ethnically German Yugoslavians in America today. Many go by the name Repp. As this family moved to other Torontal towns in the 1820s, the spelling of their name was changed. Yet, after more than 50 years being recorded as Repp in church records, some came to the USA as Reb and Reeb.


France – Perjamosch - Austro-Hungary – Romania Today

Today’s Surnames: Reb, Reeb, Rebb, Repp

1900-1930 Locations: Romania, USA: Minnesota, North Dakota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and Idaho.

Comment: Most Rebb and Repp families in the USA are not related to this family. Ellis Island and US Census records should be examined for immigrants from Austro Hungary and Romania. Most came to America from 1898 to 1925.

Background: Earliest mention of this Catholic Reeb Family is in 1618 at Chatenois, Alsace France. The documented progenitor is Johannes of lower Ottrott, Bas Rhin FR. His grandson, Mathias (1704) and family immigrated to the Banat region of Austro-Hungary in 1764. They were original pioneers of Perjamosch, now in the county of Temes, Romania. His son, Johann had eleven children and son, Philip had eight, thus starting a long line of Reebs there. Known immigrations of this family to America and Germany began in 1898 and continued until 1925. Most came as Reb or Reeb and spoke a German dialect. Rebb was adopted by some in America. Only one family came to the USA as Repp.


France - Kruschiwl, Austro-Hungary - Yugoslavia Today

Today’s Surname: Repp, Reeb, Reb, Rabb, Rep

1900-1930 Locations: Yugoslavia; USA: Ohio Illinois Wisconsin, Missouri and elsewhere.

Comment: This Austro Hungarian family has many representatives in America – most going by the name Repp. Their origins before moving to the Banat region of Austro-Hungary were Alsace-Lorraine. Emigration from Austro-Hungary began in the late 1800s and extended until 1925. They were Catholics.

Background: Jacob Reeb b. abt. 1725 was an original colonist in Kruschiwl in 1767. He is first noted in Apatin where a son is born and his wife, Barbara dies. He remarries and has two sons – Jacob and Caspar, who establish themselves in nearby Kolut. This family multiplies and by the 1870s lives in most of the towns surrounding Kruschiwl.

Most of this Reeb-Repp clan immigrated to America. Ellis Island passenger lists name mostly Repp, a few Reb and occasional Reep and Rep – all members of this family. Social Security death indexes, where found, are recorded as Rep, Reeb and Reb.


Hagsfeld, Baden Germany - Austro-Hungary - Hungary Today


Today’s Surnames: Reeb

1900-1930 Locations: Germany, Hungary, Australia, USA: New Jersey and New York.

Comment: Most of this extended family live in Germany and Hungary today. Less than ten individuals are known to have immigrated to America from Germany. The last in 1941. No Hungarian representative of this family are known to have come to America.

Background: Bartel Reeb, born abt. 1580, who lived in Scheissweiler, Württemberg, GR is the oldest known progenitor of this family. He and the next two generations moved frequently throughout Baden and Württemberg due to effects of the Thirty Year War. His great grand son, Andreas, finally settled in Hagsfeld where he married a local woman. His son Andreas immigrated with his family to Iklad, Austro-Hungary in 1758. This branch of the clan multiplied and many Reeb s live in the area of Budapest today. The family was Lutherans through the 19th century.



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