Awards for 2003

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Awards for 2003

I had a truly wonderful visit to your website! I found it to be very informative, designed well, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. It is evident the amount of time you have put into your website in order to share with others. Your site is a tribute to genealogy & a valuable resource for the researcher & genealogy community! I am pleased to award you my Award of Excellence for your hard work and terrific website!

I enjoyed it [website] very much and would like to present you with our Keeper of the Souls Award.

I really liked your site

  I found your site very appealing and
an asset to the genealogy community!

Thanks to to all who have taken the time to view the Reeb Families Web site and who have graced us with an award.

  Your site is attractive, informative and easy to use and offers a valuable service to those doing family research. Good work!  --- Award



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