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Sarralbe – Val de Gueblange, Moselle, France

Today’s Surnames: Reb, Rebb

1900-1930 Locations: France, USA: California, Iowa, New York, Minnesota, Ohio and elsewhere.

Comment: By the late 1600s, these Catholic families had five branches living in Sarralbe or in nearby places. Church records do not go back far enough to identify a common progenitor. In the 1800s, several families immigrated to America, some adopting the name Rebb. They were Catholics when they left France.

Background: The heads of family in 1700 were: Sarralbe –Rech  (Jean, Pierre, Mathias and Daniel) in Gueblange (Paul).  This clan may be related to the Keskastel Reebs for they lived in adjacent communities. The Rebs had a wide range of professions from day laborers to hat and shoemakers. This extended family remained in the Sarralbe area until 1760 when Franz Reb moved to Rosbrück. In the 1800s, some moved to small villages in Moselle and further away to Strasbourg, Nancy and America. Today the clan Reb is found mostly in the Lorraine area of France.

Schalbach-Niederstinzel, Moselle, France

Today’s Surnames: Reeb, Reb

1900-1930 Locations: France

Comment: In the late 1600s there were three Reeb-Reb Catholic families living in Schalbach and another in Niederstinzel. Records do not go back far enough in time to document a link. Only one man is known to have gone to America from this group.

Background: Nicolaus (1652) and Abraham (1638) of Schalbach and Nicolaus (1688) of Niederstinzel are the oldest known progenitors of these three families. Beginning in the mid-1700s some of the Schalbach clan began moving to adjacent villages in Moselle and even as far as Fort Vabaun on the Rhine River in Alsace. By the late 1800s, most of the Reebs were living in small villages not far from Nancy, France and spread throughout the Moselle area. The same movements and periods apply to the Niederstinzel branch. They had a wide range of professions with most being farmers, a few soldiers and merchants.

Zutzendorf Area Bas Rhin, France

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1900-1930 Locations: France; Ontario Canada; USA: California, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Comments: Today a large portion of this family lives in Canada and France. Immigration to North America began in the 1840s culminating in 1890.

Background: Documented progenitors of this family are two different but related Jacobs who lived in Zutzendorf during the 100s. DNA analysis has confirmed the relationship. They were Lutheran, farmers, blacksmiths and weavers. Michael Reeb and family immigrated to New Orleans, LA about 1846. Two years later Theobold and family moved to Ontario, Canada. After the German annexation in 1872 numerous families and individuals left for North America and France.


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