Buenos Aires



Arrivals to the Port of Buenos Aires (1882-1927)

20 Feb 1889    Ship: Parana    From: Havre

Reeb Age Marital Status Nationality Job Religion
Jules 33 M French machinist Catholic
Margueritte 27 M same unknown same
Leon 9 S same   same
Jules 2 S same   same
Adrien 1/2 S same   same

06 Aug 1904   Ship: Norderney   From: Bremen

Anna Maria 30 M Russian   Catholic
Anna 11 S Russian   Catholic
Jose 4 S Russian   other

10 Nov 1908   Ship: Darmstadt   From : Bremen

Elizabeth 16 S Russian   Catholic

13 Sep 1909   Ship: Avon   From: Southampton

James W. 40 M American Engineer Protestant
Kate 33 M American Engineer Protestant

13 Jan 1910   Ship: Gotha    From: Bremen

Michael 43 M Russian Farmer Catholic
Barbara 42 M Russian Farmer Catholic
Elizabeth 17 S Russian Farmer Catholic
Michel 4 S Russian   Catholic
Katherina 2 S Russian   Catholic
Peter 1/4 S Russian   Catholic

01 Nov 1913   Ship: Sierra Cordoba   From Amberes

Eurastine 24 S German w/o job Protestant
Extracted by Pablo Reeb from the Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos (C.E.M.L.A.) www.scalabrini.org. Originally published in Reeb Roots Vol. 2 No. 6


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