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Grensbach, Baden, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1880 Locations: Germany, possibly USA.

Comment: This Catholic Reeb family lived near Baden, Baden until the late 1800s when they began to relocate to other parts of Germany. One family and a single male immigrated to America.

Background: The known progenitor of this family was George Reeb born about 1669. He and wife, Christina had two sons and a daughter. In the early 1700s three males from this extended family disappear to some unknown place. Andreas Reeb born 1762 is tracked to Erfweiler near Dahn, Pirmasens, Germany some distance from his birthplace. His great grandson Antony and family immigrate to America in 1859 and locate in St. Louis Missouri. The Baden Baden families were locksmiths, shoemakers, rope makers and employees of the local resorts. It is almost certain other members of this Reeb family are yet to be found in Europe and America.

Hirschhorn am Neckar, Hesse, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1880 Location: Germany

Comment: From the 1700s until 1870 many of the male Reebs moved away from this small village. Very few of these Catholic men have been traced to their new residence.

Background: Shoemaker George Reeb born about 1628 and Anna Barbara had two sons, Johann and Peter. Johann died a year after fathering a daughter. Peter had ten children by three different wives. His son, George moved away leaving only Christoph to propagate the Reeb line in Hirschhorn. His sons began two generations as fishermen and boatmen on the Neckar River. By 1870 most of the Reebs had moved to other places with several going to Heidelberg.

Katzenbach – Rockenhausen – Langmeil, Bayern, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1900-1920 Locations: Germany, France, USA: Illinois, Ohio and elsewhere.

Comments: Most of this Catholic family moved away from the Rockenhausen district by the late 1800s. They relocated in other parts of Germany and America. The Reeb families that lived in Langmeil in the early 1700s are likely relocated to the Katzenbach group. Church records do not go back far enough to confirm this. These places are close together.

Background: Nicolaus Reeb b. abt. 1650 and wife Clara are the oldest known progenitors of the Katzenbach Reebs. George Reeb b. abt. 1720 and wife, Margaretha of Langmeil are the parents of Johan Peter who moves to Huttenheim Alsace France abt. 1785. The two branches of this family likely tie together in the mid 1600s. The Rockenhausen area where these families lived was poor land that would not support a large population causing movement as the region's population grew. Beginning in the mid-1800s, several Reeb families and individuals went to America from this area. The Alsace branch of the family grew and some live there today.

Landstuhl, Bayern, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1880 Locations:  Possibly Germany, USA

Comment: Records on the Lutheran family evaporate in the area of Landstuhl – Kaiserslautern by the mid-1800s. It is known that one married Reeb woman immigrated to America.

Background: Simon Reb who died in 1648 in the Landstuhl hospital is the oldest known progenitor of this family. His sons, Hans Valentine (1629) and Hans Simon (1633) were hat makers and linen weavers. Their sons established themselves as linen weavers in the small villages of Hermersberg, Krickenbach Linden and later Gerhardsbrunn. A continuation of this family is likely as the last area records show three males who survived to adulthood.


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