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The majority of German Reeb families were concentrated in the Pfalz, Rhineland and Baden regions. With one exception, most immigration to North America began in the 1840s. Representative of three different families relocated in France where they live to day. There are Reebs scattered throughout Germany today.


Bad Berg Zabern, Bayern Pfalz, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1900-1930 Locations: France, USA, New York, Germany?

Comment: The majority of this family left Germany for France and the USA by 1850.

Background: Baker and Reformed Protestant Valentine Reb and wife, Maria are the oldest known progenitor of this family. A descendent, Jacob b. 1731 is the first known Reb to immigrate to America. A sister and two brothers followed. All settled in Frederick Co. MD. Other family members became scattered in Reformed Protestant communities in the Pfalz and Rhineland. By 1850 most of this family disappears from German records, relocating in France and the USA.  Today most family members are spread throughout France and the northeastern USA in particular Buffalo, New York.

Dillenberg, Hesse-Nassau, Germany

Today’s Surnames: Reeb

1920-1930 Locations: Germany, USA: Illinois, New York, Texas and elsewhere.

Comment: Beginning in the 1800s, this family gradually moved from Dillenberg, to other places in Germany including Cronburg, Elberfeld and Bonn. A few families and individuals immigrated to America beginning in 1845. Today the largest group in the USA has roots in Illinois.

Background: Heinrich Reeb born about 1630 shows up in Haiger near Dillenberg before 1658. He and an unknown wife have two sons that begin a presence of Reebs in Hesse-Nassan. His son’s Frank and Antony were bakers in Dillenberg and had large families. Antony’s son, Antony was a forester and soon left the area with wife and family. He likely represents another branch of this family as yet located in Germany. Descendants of Frank multiply and by the mid-1800s, there are numerous Reebs in Dillenberg. They were largely bakers by profession, some were soldiers and one was Mayor of Dillenberg in 1792.

Dörrenbach, Bayern Pfalz, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1900-1930 Locations: Germany; USA

Comment: Members of this Reformed Protestant family live in the Pfalz region of Germany today and a few in the USA. The family may be related to the Keskastel Reeb clan as there was migration from that area to Holland during the Thirty Year War. There is a very small representation of this family that survives in America today.

Background: Johann George Reeb, born 1698 in Kreuzweiller Holland and wife Margaretha first appear in the records of the Dörrenbach church books in 1721. They have seven children and after Margaretha’s death, he remained and has five more. The male lines of his descendents die off or disappear with one exception. His great grandson, Johann Friedrick establishes in Wilgartswiesen, Pfalz as locksmith and mechanic in 1787. The Reebs presence grows there where many of the men are horseshoers. Beginning in 1846, several members of this family immigrate to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ellwangen, Württemberg, Germany

Today’s Surname: Reeb

1900-1930 Locations: Württemberg and Pfalz Germany, USA: New York and elsewhere.

Comment: This is one of the largest Reeb families in Germany today. One branch of the family lives in the Ellwangen area and the other in the Dudenhoffen Speyer area of the Pfalz. A few representatives, primarily from the Pfalz branch, immigrated to America.

Background: George Reb born about 1585 and wife Ursula are the progenitors of this family. They lived in Ellwangen but their children soon relocated to small hamlets near Jagstzell, Jagst district where they attended the Catholic Church. For nearly 50 years one priest recorded their name as Röb. With a change of priests and moves to other places, the name reverted to Reb or Reeb. The movement of Christoph, born Röb to Dudenhoffen in the Pfalz where he was known as Reeb, began a new branch of the family. His three sons and one daughter started a long line of Reebs in the Palatinate area of Germany, where many live today.


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