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Bischtroff - Sarralbe

Burry's Church, New Sewickley, PA

Church that was attended by Johann Theobald/Spohia Catharine Reeb attended and their children. They are buried there along with their son: Johann Theobald and wife, Magdalena Pflug Reeb. photo provided by: Rich Rapp (

St. Peter's Reformed Church, Zelienople, PA

Formerly: St. Peter's German Evangelical Protestant United Congregation, 1862. Photo provided by: Rich Rapp (

Herbitzheim - 1988

Lutheran church towers above homes in the ancestral home of Herbitzheim. Source: Reeb Roots in Europe and America, by John V. Reeb, pub1994

Steeple of the Protestant church in Pisdorf (1988)

Source: Reeb Roots in Europe and America, by John V. Reeb, pub1994

Office of the Mayor, Zutzendorf

The office of Mayro Henir Bub of Zutzendorf. Provided by Barbara Bazani (

Oeting, Moselle, France circa 1935

provided by Aloys Kratz (

Oeting Moselle France circa 1950

provided by Aloys Kratz (

Entering Zutzendorf

Modern day Zutzendorf where many Reebs lived and raised their families. Provided by Barbara Bizani (

Zutzendorf Lutherand Church

Formerly called St. Bartholemy now referred to as "the church." Many Reeb ancestors were baptized here.

Early Zutzendorf Home

Photo located at eh Alsatian Ecomuseum. Provided by Barbara Bizani (

Hans Reeb House

St. Maria Park, Nancy France. Relocated from Zutzendorf for 1909 International Exposition. Built in 1798. The family of Michel and Catherine Moritz Reeb were the last Reeb occupants of the home. Provided by Barbara Bizani (


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