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Researching Our European Ancestries

Derivatives include: Reb, Raph. Rape, Rape', Rapp, Rappe, Reap/e, Reeb, Reph and more.


If you are researching your Reeb heritage you may be related to one of our families. These extended families originally took the surname Reb or Reeb, but over the past 400 years, many variations of the original name came into existence.

The majority of these name changes occurred after immigration to North America. All of these families are ethnically German. However, they live or lived in France, Germany and Austro-Hungary (now Yugoslavia and Romania). The majority of those who immigrated to North America before 1900 spoke their own dialect of German regardless of the nation of origin.
   Descendants of most 18th century immigrants went by the name of Rape. The name change probably occurred because Reeb pronounced in German sounds much like the word rape in English. Other modifications to the name in America are: Rapp, Rappe, Reap, Reape, Reph, Raph, and others. In addition, at least twenty-five Reeb-Reb families came to America in the early 20th century from Austro-Hungary.  Others immigrated into Canada and from Russia to the South American countries of Argentina and Brazil. Some South American Reeb families have immigrated into Israel.
   Early European Reebs were Christians representing the Catholic, Lutheran and Calvinist-Reformed faiths. The earliest and most numerous mention of the name Reeb and Reb is found in the church books of Alsace and Moselle (now the country of France) with the Saare River basin holding the largest concentration of Reeb-Reb families. Beginning in the late 15th century a few moved to other parts of Alsace, Germany, Austro-Hungary, America and Russia. These relocations were motivated by harsh economic times, the reformation, wars and enticements by neighboring countries.
   It is impossible in this website to cover every possible variation, likewise you should be aware that not every Rape surname originated as Reeb – some Rapes came from Ireland. The same may be true of the other derivatives.

The majority of research - past and ongoing -  is due to the decades of tireless research done by John V. Reeb whose efforts have played a major role in our family research. The Austro-Hungarian research done by Michael Reeb has greatly enhanced the knowledge of those related families. Each of us owe them a debt of gratitude and many thanks for a job well done. We also need to note that very little could have been obtained without  many family members sharing their lineages. Without cooperation of all even the best genealogist would have a difficult time compiling so much data.

The ongoing DNA study is a vital link to our heritage. No blood connection has yet been shown between the two largest family groups. It will take many more participants before there is a clear picture of the past. The more male participants in the study the more accurate the results. I would like to encourage support of the endeavor. Please contact Michael Reeb (see above) for additional information.

This website, while occasionally updated, is now several years old and within is a rich source of family information. The vast majority of research is done by others. I do not claim nor imply that any data is of my doing unless noted.  Each section has references. Do remember that research is fluid, dates and events may change when newer documentation is found.

One of the following family descriptions may give you a clue to your Reeb Heritage. You may direct your inquiries to  QUERIES or to the gentleman above. Hopefully we can make a family connection. Be sure and explore the many pages of genealogical data for the various Reeb surnames.

Enjoy you visit!

Shannon, webmaster




Earliest known places of Origin

Click on links below to locate Reeb families known to originate in that area.




Hangard to Huefeld to Yugoslavia - Serbia

Breitenbach, Bishofsheim, Dambach la Ville, Bas Rhin

Bad Berg Zabern, Bayern Pfalz

France to Kruschiwl to Yugoslavia - Serbia

Dauendorf, Bas Rhin

Dillenberg, Hesse-Nassau

France to Perjamosch to Romania

Keskastel Area, Bas Rhin

Dörrenbach, Bayern Pfalz

Hagsfeld to Hungary

Sarralbe, Val de Gueblange, Moselle

Ellwangen, Württemberg


Niederstinzel, Moselle

Grensbach, Baden


Zutzendorf Area Bas Rhin

Hirschhorn am Neckar, Hesse


Katzenbach-Rockenhausen-Langmeil, Bayern


Landstuhl, Bayern


Rodheim vd. Hoh, Hesse


Roxheim, Prussia Rhineland


Wö-Wohnbach, Obar-Hesse







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